60 Reasons why da World is Awesome!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7C6nRuiCDsoReason 8: Dolphins can call each other by name…

Reason 15: There are 400 billion stars in our Galaxy…

Reason 19: There are 100 trillion atoms in each of our cells, and 100 trillion cells in the average human body…

AND a marine ribbon worm that grows up to 55m long is the longest animal on earth and is longer than the blue whale!

ANDDDDD, the average adult has a lot of potential energy stored up in them – the equivalent of 30 hydrogen bombs to be precise…

Watch the Video for more cool facts!!! ; )


About dreamwriterx

I am a: Avid Writer, Basketball player, Soccer Player, Golf Enthusiast, Sailor, Aspiring Novelist and Full-time Dreamer! I write about everything under the sun. I try to take normal day-to-day happenings and discover and share the really interesting, juicy details, using language to make it even more funny, sad, or happy. I think that writing is all about creating something out of nothing, statues out of stone, and paintings out of paint. My Blog is: dreamwriterx.wordpress.com To all those who follow this Blog: Thank you for your support and encouragement! : )
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