That Crumpled Sheet

That crumpled sheet

It represents

The thorn inside my heart

And gradually,

With demon hands,

It’s tearing me apart


That cursed white sheet

Spells out the nights

With cold nightmares alone

There is no sleep –

No sleep in sight

For fear of the unknown


That pale white sheet,

It glares at me

Like portraits on a wall

Endless repeats –

A prophecy

Of how far I will fall


That silent sheet

Speaks more words than

I ever want to hear

It echoes deep

And from it ran

A mournful cry sincere


That tattered sheet

With ink and grime

Soaked with my countless tears

I can’t believe

Just how much time

I’ve wasted all these years


That vital sheet

It played a part

In twisting up my fate

I tried to cheat

And lost my heart

It’s a thing for me to hate


That shredded sheet

Now shred by me

And anger fueled by pain

I kill the seed

Cause now I see

Its hold will never wane


My spirit was sold, to

That burning sheet

The deed is finally done

It’s tightened hold

Dispels in heat

Its secret’s finally gone


That smoldering sheet

Does not control

My fate and destiny

And Gradually

The fire goes cold

The flames they still recede


About dreamwriterx

I am a: Avid Writer, Basketball player, Soccer Player, Golf Enthusiast, Sailor, Aspiring Novelist and Full-time Dreamer! I write about everything under the sun. I try to take normal day-to-day happenings and discover and share the really interesting, juicy details, using language to make it even more funny, sad, or happy. I think that writing is all about creating something out of nothing, statues out of stone, and paintings out of paint. My Blog is: To all those who follow this Blog: Thank you for your support and encouragement! : )
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