The Last Time I Was Here


The breeze is soft and gentle

A ticklish luring leer

Not blistery freezing cold

Like the last time I was here


The stars are bright and perfect

The moon is crystal clear

Not shrouded in the clouds

Like the last time I was here


The grasses come alive

With the glow of fireflies

The crickets’ constant chirping

Fills the quiet of the night


We climb the rolling hill

See the diamond lake go still

Our hearts beat strong, and faster

When time itself goes still


And the world has only me and you

Your flashing eyes deep azure blue

I feel my breathing slowing

I find myself drawn closer too


Where I belong is next to you

Where there’s no pain or tears or fear

Not alone and wandering in the dark

Like the last time I was here


We huddle together side-by-side

Your sweet warmth close and near

Not a distant dream or fantasy

Like the last time I was here

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About dreamwriterx

I am a: Avid Writer, Basketball player, Soccer Player, Golf Enthusiast, Sailor, Aspiring Novelist and Full-time Dreamer! I write about everything under the sun. I try to take normal day-to-day happenings and discover and share the really interesting, juicy details, using language to make it even more funny, sad, or happy. I think that writing is all about creating something out of nothing, statues out of stone, and paintings out of paint. My Blog is: To all those who follow this Blog: Thank you for your support and encouragement! : )
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