About the Authors

“Writing is in my blood!”

Creator: Dreamwriter X

Job: Student

Avid Writer, Basketball player, Soccer Player, Golf Enthusiast, Sailor, Aspiring Novelist and Full-time Dreamer

Contact Information: dreamwriterx@gmail.com

What do you write about?

I write about everything under the sun. I try to take normal day-to-day happenings and discover and share the really interesting, juicy details, using language to make it even more funny, sad, or happy.

What inspired you to start Blogging? What is your writing philosophy?

I was inspired to create one because I love writing. I write for essay and short story competitions, and I am trying to write fiction stories, so I thought I might try my hand at blogging as well…

I think that writing is all about creating something out of nothing, statues out of stone, and paintings out of paint.

To all those who follow this Blog: Thank you for your support and encouragement! 🙂



Dreamwriter Y:

                    Sup guys, sis of dreamwriter X here. What to know bout me, I like reading in my free time and love thinking of scenes and plots and stuff in my head but I only write them down for like homework or competitions. Usually there are just stored in a folder marked read 10 years down the road in my brain.

                     Anyway, I’m 14 this year, go to all an all girls’ school. I’m in girl guides. I love reading, quotes, watching You tube, KPOP, demi lovato, and Instagram (Follow me @magirl22) don’t diss the username man. In my defense, I was only like 11 when I thought of it I it kinda surfaced in my brain when I was setting up my account. HAHA.

                     My taste in music is pretty varied. It usually changes everyday. I’m obsessed with Bleach (A manga.), master chef, Running Man and etc etc. So that’s all for now. My bro’s gonna help me post out some of the stuff I wrote a few years ago. Please don’t hate. I was young. HAHAHAHAHA.

                     PeAcE oUt. BYEEEEEE




2 Responses to About the Authors

  1. dreamwriterx says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! : )

  2. Hey Dreamwriter X
    Even I am an aspiring novelist and a full-time dreamer 🙂 Nice reading your blog! 🙂
    @Dreamwriter Y: I’m a huge Demi Lovato fan too! 🙂
    I found lots of interesting stuff here! Will visit often 🙂

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